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I’m sure that as a student, you just want a great essay/dissertation written as per your exact requirements. Many essay companies will inundate you with all types of guarantees but there’s no way of confirming that you’ll receive a high-quality paper. My guarantee is simple and 100% risk free- you’ll receive your paper before you make any payment. You’ll be paying for a paper that you’re actually satisfied with!

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Pay After Delivery

My Pay-After-Delivery Approach Gives You 100% Protection.

My Approach Is Simple- I Allow Students To Read And Assess Their Essays/Dissertations Before They Make Payments.

If You’re A Student, You’ll Agree with Me That There’s No Better Guarantee Than This One.

How The Pay-After-Delivery Approach Works

Numberless students have been scammed after paying top pounds and dollars only to receive poorly written and plagiarised essays and dissertations.

I’m sure that as a student, you’re worried about falling into scammers’ hands who’ll collect your money and then fail to keep their promise- your worries are justified. There’re many scammers out there preying on unsuspecting students. Don’t get scammed- Pay For Your Paper After You’ve Received It!

My Pay-After-Delivery approach ensures that you’re 100% protected as you’ll only be paying for an essay or dissertation that you’ve actually received and are satisfied with.

This Is How It Works

  1. You place your order via the order form or simply email your requirements to :
  2. Once we agree on the cost, I’ll start working on your paper.
  3. I’ll email you the completed paper for your assessment.
  4. After you’re satisfied with your paper, you’ll make payment.
  5. This approach works for papers that are up to 2000 words in length. For longer essays, the concept still works but in parts. See below on how it works for large projects.

For Papers Longer Than 2K Words, The Pay-After- Delivery Approach Still Applies But In Parts…..

If you require a paper longer than 2k words, the Pay-After-Delivery approach still applies but in parts.

  1. Let’s say you want a 5000 word essay.
  2. I’ll work on the first 2000 words and send that part to you.
  3. Once you’re satisfied with that part, you’ll pay for it as I work on the remaining 3k words.
  4. I’ll then send the completed paper and you’ll pay the balance.
  5. In short, for larger projects, you’ll be paying for sections that you’ve received.

For Dissertations And Theses, The Pay-After-Delivery Approach Still Applies But On Chapter Basis…

And of course, you’ll enjoy my exceptional package:

My Essay And Dissertation Package

Should you decide to use me as your writer, this is the package that you’ll enjoy:

  1. You’ll only pay for your paper AFTER you’ve received and approved it. 
  2. Your paper will be of high quality.
  3. You’ll enjoy 100% confidentiality- I’ll not share your personal details with any third party.
  4. Your paper will be original, scholarly and written to your specific requirements.
  5. Your paper will be 100% plagiarism free. At any rate, you’ll first check it for plagiarism before making your payment.
  6. I’ll keep you updated on the progress of your paper.
  7. In case you’ll require revisions, I will revise the paper for free until you’re satisfied.
  8. Your paper will be well referenced using a reference style of your choice.
  9. References used will be from scholarly articles and books. No Wikipedia references.
  10. My rates are absolutely fair for high quality essays and dissertations written from scratch.

Want To Read And Approve Your Paper Before Making Payment? Contact Me And Get Your Essay or Dissertation Before You Make payment.

If you’re in need of a highly experienced UK freelance writer, I believe I am the right writer for you. Please feel free to contact me or place your order and pay only after you’re satisfied with your paper. 

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