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Write Your Essay Like A Smart Salesman

  1. When writing your essay, assume you’re a salesman pitching a sale to a stubborn customer. In your case, the customer is your lecturer. 
  2. You want this ‘customer’ to pay the highest possible price for your product(you want your lecturer to award you the highest possible mark, right?)
  3. A smart salesman will include in his pitch the X-factors that’ll make a customer make a purchase. Include in your essay the X-Factors that will convince your customer (your lecturer) to pay the highest price (award the highest mark). Those X-Factors normally include: sticking to the subject matter, originality, compelling arguments, evidence of thorough research, appropriate structure, etc.
  4. A smart salesman focuses on solving a problem for the customer. Let your essay focus on answering the question and nothing else.
  5. A smart salesman understands well that it’s not about him. It’s about the customer. Make sure your essay is not about you. Make it about your lecturer’s expectations. Make it about answering the question.  Write an essay that meets your lecturer’s expectations.
  6. A smart salesman understands the customer’s mind. When writing your essay, ensure you understand your lecturer’s mind(expectations) and write your essay around that.
  7. A smart salesman will possess those unique attributes that differentiates him from the crowd. When writing your essay, ensure it bears uniqueness that sets it apart from other essays. This uniqueness can be achieved through originality, unique approach to the question, compelling arguments etc.
  8. A smart salesman will sound convincing without overdoing it. Let your essay sound convincing but don’t overdo it. Let it be original without sounding contrived.
  9. At times, a salesman has no option but to sell BS. When writing your essay, you’ll occasionally get to a point when you must include mediocre arguments and even BS. If there is something BS about your arguments, make sure that that BS sounds scholarly and convincing. Make sure it sounds elegant and is well written. Even if your arguments are mediocre, present them in a scholarly and convincing way.
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